Acetek provides a comprehensive range of Student Support Services to meet the needs of students and enhance their learning experience. Students can approach the admin staff for more information.


All new students are required to attend an orientation to familiarise themselves with the college environment, course details, student support services, key policies and procedures. The topics covered include:

  1.  College vision, mission and values

  2.  Facilities

  3.  Course information

  4.  Assessment & Graduation criteria

  5.  Attendance and Discipline

  6. Transfer, Withdrawal and Deferment

  7.  FPS, fees, refund and student contract

  8.  Feedback & Dispute Resolution

  9.  Student Support Services

  10.  Living in Singapore

  11.  Laws of Singapore

  12. Working in Singapore (STP holders are not permitted to work without a valid pass from MOM)

Pastoral Counselling

Acetek provides pastoral counselling to students to help them cope with challenging situations in life. The pastoral counsellors work with students to come up with solutions to their problems. Areas which students may need pastoral counselling include stress and time management, anger issues, relationships, health issues, etc.

Financial Assistance

Acetek has limited financial schemes to help deserving students pursue their studies in college. Such assistance can be through discounts, grants, bursaries or scholarships. 

Career Guidance

Acetek guides students in choosing a suitable career/internship through workshops, visits and talks. Examples of career guidance events include:

  • Job interview workshop

  • Personal grooming workshop

  • Visits to employers

  • Career/Internship talks by employers

Alumni Support 

The Acetek Alumni Club is a platform for past students to connect with each other and maintain contact with the college. Alumni members receive updates on the latest developments as well as discounts on courses.

Holistic Programmes

Acetek seeks to develop students holistically through a variety of events.



Sports and Health

  • Hiking to Mount Faber

  • Cycling at Sentosa

  • Mental Wellness Talk

Community Involvement

  • Baking for Charity

  • Beach Cleaning Day

  • Fundraising for Charity

Safety & Security

  • Anti-Drug Talk by CNB

  • Crime Prevention Talk

  • Evacuation Drill

Leadership Development 

  • Leadership Talk

  • Public Speaking Workshop

Bonding & Team-building

  • Lunar New Year Celebration

  • Hari Raya Celebration

  • Christmas Party

  • Deepavali Party

  • Teacher’s Day Lunch

  • Competitions