WSQ Modules

WSQ Baking & Pastry Modules

Our Baking and Pastry modules under Skills Futures Singapore SSG, are developed from Singapore Work Skills Qualification standards (WSQ) and are conducted based on the competency standards listed under the F & B skills sector.

Pastry & Baking modules cover all aspects of baking, bread, cakes, pastry, flour confectionery and are delivered as theory and hands on practical training across all modules.

Successful completion of a module will lead to the award of a Statement of Attainment SOA.

  • 16 WSQ Modules Course
  • 16 WSQ Modules Course
  • 16 WSQ Modules Course
  • 16 WSQ Modules Course
  • 16 WSQ Modules Course

WSQ Module Brochures

Bake Artisan & Decorative Breads, click Read More

NEW WSQ Bake for Health, click Read More

Maintain Food & Beverage Production Environment, click Read More

Prepare Advanced Cakes, click Read More

 Make Basic Bread, click Read More

 Make Basic Cakes, click Read More

 Make Cafe Style Bread, click Read More

 Make Choux Pastries, click Read More

 Make Cookies, click Read More

 Make Hot & Cold Desserts, click Read More

 NEW WSQ Prepare Chocolate Decorations & Make Praline Read More

 Make Muffins and Scones, click Read More

 Make Puff Pastry Products, click Read More

 Make Tarts & Short Crust Pastries, click Read More

Prepare Sweet & Savoury Fillings, Sauces & Creams, click Read More

 Make Yeast Raised Pastries, click Read More

WSQ – Workskills Qualification Modules

WSQ COURSE LIST WSQ Course Ref Number Hours (Including Assessment) No Funding Normal – 50% Enhanced – 70%
WSQ Make Basic Breads TGS-2018500653 36 $730.28 $389.03 $252.53
WSQ Make Cafe Style Bread TGS-2018500654 36 $730.28 $389.03 $252.53
WSQ Make Basic Cakes TGS-2018500624 36 $730.28 $389.03 $252.53
WSQ Make Muffins & Scones TGS-2018505057 28 $584.22 $311.22 $202.02
WSQ Make Tarts & Shortcrust Pastry TGS-2018500667 36 $730.28 $389.03 $252.53
WSQ Make Cookies TGS-2018500676 28 $730.28 $389.03 $202.02
WSQ Make Choux Pastries TGS-2018500672 28 $584.22 $311.22 $202.02
WSQ Make Puff Pastry Products TGS-2018500674 28 $584.22 $311.22 $202.02
WSQ Make Yeast-Raised Pastries TGS-2018500668 28 $584.22 $311.22 $202.02
WSQ Prepare Sweet & Savoury Fillings Sauces and Cream TGS-2022014459 28 $584.22 $311.22 $202.02
WSQ Make Hot & Cold Desserts TGS-2019500566 36 $730.28 $389.03 $252.53
WSQ Prepare Chocolate Decorations & Make Praline TGS-2019504046 32 $802.50 $427.50 $277.50
WSQ Bake For Health TGS-2019504392 38 $791.80 $421.80 $273.80
WSQ Bake Artisan & Decorative Breads TGS-2018500622 36 $791.80 $421.80 $273.80
WSQ Maintain Food & Beverage Production Environment TGS-2018500623 16 $358.45 $190.95 $123.95
WSQ Prepare Advanced Cake TGS-2018505054  36 $791.80 $421.80 $273.80

Prices include GST

WSQ Module Delivery Modes

Modules are delivered as follows:

Weekday modules –

  • Tuesdays & Thursdays  – 9:00am – 5:00pm

Weekend Modules –

  • Sunday – 9:00am – 5:00pm

WSQ Course Schedules

WSQ 2022(July-September) – 2022, click Read More

Admission Requirements

Must be 18 years of age at time of enrolment and proficient in English and Maths to Singapore Workskills Qualification Standards, Singapore Employability Skills System Level 5 desirable (exemptions subject to management discretion)

To be eligible for Skills Future Funding you must be a Singaporean or PR, please see criteria here.

Prospective students must complete a registration form and supply relevant data is using Skills Future Funds. (Available from the office)

Upon receiving the completed application form and verification of all details student will be sent a Letter of Offer to the module. Acceptance of the place and the payment of the administration charge (invoice sent) will secure a place in the course.

Net fee and miscellaneous fees (invoice will be sent) have to be paid prior to module commencement.

Training Quality and Outcome Measurement Survey (TRAQOM) by SkillsFuture Singapore.

  • The Quality Survey will be conducted after the course end date through emails or mobile phone number.
  • All students to provide personal email and mobile phone number for SSG to conduct the survey.

Assessment Methods

Assessment consist of a written theory paper of multiple choice or short answer. Students must pass all written questions to be marked competent.

  • Practical performance assessment is where you are required to demonstrate the skills required for the module. Passing is “C “competent or “NYC” not yet competent.
  • Local students require an 75% attendance.

Refund Policy WSQ

In the event of student withdrawing from the module the following refund policy will apply upon receiving written confirmation of same.

Entry to WSQ modules is by payment of administration fee Registration fee is not refundable
Skills Future Credits

Participant opts to use SFC to pay Net fee but withdraws  before course commences

This will be re-credited back to Skills Future
Participant pays net fee and withdraws after course has commenced. Fee is not refundable

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FAQ WSQ Modules

1. Can I choose any module to take?

Modules run in sequence and need to be taken in order e.g. Make Basic Bread, Then Make Café Style Bread, and Then Bake Artisan and Decorative Bread. This is to provide a build-up of skills and knowledge.

2. Is there assessment in all modules?

Yes each has its own assessment consisting of Written and Practical Performance and you need to pass both to awarded “C “competent.

3. What happens if I am unable to pass assessment?

You will be given the opportunity to sit the assessment again. If you are unable to pass on the second attempt you must repeat the module again at your own cost.

4. Do I need to wear a uniform?

Yes as a food establishment a standard uniform is required and must include suitable safe footwear. (Shoes must fully cover your foot and be of non-slip material for safety reasons)

5. Can I, after completing the WSQ modules complete the remaining modules and be awarded a Diploma?

Yes, you can.